Spotlight Q&A - Joe Williams

Spotlight Q&A - Joe Williams


JOE WILLIAMS (Lead Vocals & Guitar)


How did you form HIMALAYAS? 

Myself, Mike and James started the band initially and Louis joined slightly after us and blooped us to land on the band’s names. 

The first member I met was Mike; we were in the year at high school.  


I studied Music at Uni for a short time before the band started to become a little more serious. It’s safe to say that I didn’t need much of an excuse to leave education. 


My hobbies are mostly revolved around music. Actually thinking about it, they’re all music.

Sport. Do you play? Who do you support? 

I used to be interested in playing; at school I played Rugby and then a little bit of football. 

I support could say I’m a glutton for punishment. 

Biggest influence musically?

This is a difficult one, I think in terms of Himalayas, then it would be Queens of the Stone Age. But in general, maybe Prince or Bowie.

Work: what did you do before joining the band?

I worked in restaurants and shops.

Living and deceased person you most admire and why? 

Maybe Dave Grohl. To have been in two of the biggest rock bands of all time is pretty impressive. As well as his performance on Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘Song’s For The Deaf’!! 

Dead, would most probably be Prince. As a songwriter, he wrote some of the most timeless songs and so many of them. As a musician, I can’t think of many people that are better; the solo for George Harrison’s Hall of Fame induction and the Acoustic version of ‘Cream’ at Webster Hall come to mind. 

Top 3 live bands or live events you’ve seen and why? 

Iggy Pop, we saw him at Mad Cool a few years back and it was insane. He played The Jean Genie and it felt like the closest thing I’ll ever get to seeing Bowie! 

Billie Eilish, we saw her accidentally at SXSW in 2018 (the same year that we played). At the time she wasn’t really known in the UK and we just happened to meet up with our agent in the same club. Some of the songs stuck with me after that show and then she blew up in the UK. 

Jack White - we saw him at the Apollo a few years back and it was just such a show!! 

HIMALAYAS’ Top 3 gigs and why? 

Cardiff, at The Globe on our recent tour. It just felt special, it always does when we play at home but that one was something else.

Reading festival on the Festival Republic stage. It was something that we’ve/I’ve wanted to play since we went to the festival as teens and it didn’t disappoint.

SXSW, our show at The British Music Embassy for BBC Radio 1. It was our first ever gig in the US and I’ve dreamt about the first time playing in America since I was young but I never thought the reality would surpass my dream of it. 

Tell us one thing we DON’T know about you? 

I’m a type 1 Diabetic.  

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